I am going to dissent regarding Ta-Nahesi Coates and his works. Seems the press and/or Liberals/Lefties are fainting over him. I've just read the book, "Between the World and Me" (It's on Pres. Obama's reading list) and read the articles in the Atlantic about the "Case for Reparations" & "The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration". The latter being largely about the Moynihan Report as well.

He's a damn good writer but I'm at great odds with his opinions and some of his facts. As are many others:…

I'm not sure he's a genius and no, I won't be seeing him at Town Hall. Not because his appearance is sold out but because I simply wouldn't pay to see him at this point. He has too little to show for. However, I would like to meet the fellow and have a conversation (a long one) over a cup of coffee or a beer. There is much to discuss. I do hope his fans have read as much as possible of his works. They might be unpleasantly surprised.
FYI, Teen Fiction nominee Martha Brockenbrough is a Seattle native and resident.

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