I understood the reflex to laugh Trump of earlier, but it needs to be noticed that he has been the front runner for a while now, and this is even after saying a myriad of stupid things.

He needs to be considered a real candidate now, and a dangerous one. Many GOP voters have just been waiting for one of their own to embrace the racist, asshole, "fuck everyone but me" spirit of their party, and Trump delivers.

There are a lot of angry white people out there who are tired of being told everything bad is their fault, and Trump is speaking directly to them.
Good Morning Charles,
Trump will not win the Republican nomination. This is a silly question on the part of Frizzelle to pose to Raban at a literary event. It's preordained that a writer like Raban, a British ex-pat and probably Labour will answer his liberal PacNW audience accordingly (that he sees Trump as dangerous). What is he going to do, endorse Trump? Now, THAT would have been an interesting reply from Raban and a fascinating ensuing discussion.

Before 1980 most people never thought that Ronald Reagan could be elected but he was and quite handily. Don't write off Trump as a grandstanding clown; his candidacy should be regarded very seriously.
Anyone watching the series "Zoo"...


Where they find out that the guy who hired them to find the culprit is also working for the organization that caused the problem?

Same here.

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