The Seattle collective Night Pong (Minh Nguyen and Aashish Gadani; the latter is a member of ubiquitous visual artists Coldbrew Collective) have created a handsome, concise zine dedicated to Influential Women in Early Electronic Music, as it says on the cover. Written and designed by both, this “graphic cultural history” contains introductory essays on important innovators such as BBC Radiophonic Workshop mainstay Delia Derbyshire, deep listening savant Pauline Oliveros, Music Mouse software creator Laurie Spiegel, French minimalist extraordinaire Éliane Radigue, Moog popularizer and film composer Wendy Carlos, experimental vocalist Pamela Z, Theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore, NYC rhythm magician/DNA member Ikue Mori, and Laetitia Sonami, inventor of the “Lady’s Glove” instrument. On the zine's last page, Nguyen and Gadani lament the number of musicians and composers that they've left out, writing that they could’ve created a novel-length publication to cover this subject. Nguyen says, “We do plan on making another graphic cultural history zine, but don’t have the topic at this time.”

Influential Women in Early Electronic Music comes with an eight-track CD-R [see tracklist below] and a 4"x4" sticker. You can purchase a copy of the zine here.

You can find info on hundreds of other adventurous female musicians at Steve Peters's Many Many Women online index.

Influential Women in Early Electronic Music Playlist:
1. Delia Derbyshire with White Noise - Love Without Sound
2. Pamela Z - Obsession, Addiction, and the
3. Delia Derbyshire - Ziwzih Ziwzih 00-00-00
4. Laurie Spiegel - Passage
5. Laurie Spiegel - A Garden
6. Laurie Spiegel - Appalachian Grove II
7. Eliane Radigue - Epure
8. Clara Rockmore - The Swan