Thanks for reminding me; I need to replace my old copy of How To Lie With Statistics.
Maybe a lot of readers are like me. They bought a kindle, didn't like it too much and went back to print exclusively. There's nothing less satisfying than owning a really good book on the cloud.
I'm with @2. I've tried e-readers, and didn't really like the experience much. Sure, it's handy if you're traveling or something like that, but given the choice, I still much prefer ye olde dead-tree book.
Don't knock coloring books. They're a good way to relieve stress.
I like paper books, having a favorite bookmark, place it on my bed stand when I'm going to sleep, it never needs batteries, I can re-read it two years later and it's a new experience. Of course I'm old and change is a difficult thing.
Don't forget children's (and teen) books. People are still buying their children books, thankfully. You can't leave an eReader in your child's crib, for instance. [A pile of books of books will give you an extra 20-30 minutes sleep in the morning.]

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