Jesus his blog post is one long, whiney 'oh-shit-here-comes-the-future' woe-are-we screed.

Appreciate his passion for books, but doing essentially the same thing in 2017 that a company did in 1990 isn't Amazon or Costco's fault.

That's just sheer stupidity.
Seems like a good time to link to this KCTS Mystery from 1991, filmed at the old Elliott Bay and featuring a future Oscar Nominee as the owner, "Paul"…
> doing essentially the same thing
> in 2017 that [the] company did
> in 1990

That does seem like the crux of his post, right? โ€œI wrote three letters and never heard back.โ€
Here are books that are new.
Some are more popular than others.
Many other stores sell these same books.
If you like them I will be over there
Dusting books.
I will be selling them for more than I bought them.
You can get a free bookmark
We have a newsletter.

That's a mystery bookstore that is no great mystery....
#2: You might want to reread the blog post. It's not whiny at all. It's actually quite matter-of-fact, simply detailing the trends that have been putting small bookstores out of business. You've read a tone in the piece that really isn't there. Yes, there is a tinge of sadness and despair to it because when you've invested a significant part of your life to something you love and have to walk away from it you're likely to feel some sadness and regret. I'm tried of the constant negative trolling that defines so much of Internet culture.

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