The First Black President Changed Ta-Nehisi Coates's Life


searching google books the preview (which is not always accurate), there was 1 'yemen' (referring to his obama's first term), none for 'haiti' none for 'libya' none for 'honduras' none for 'syria' 3 for 'china' 4 for 'russia' - to no one's suprise mudede is pleased indeed at coates' "brilliance" of habitual elision of obama's role in making the world worse and more right-wing and violent, sharing in the liberal fantasy and fan fiction.
I didn't vote for Obama out of Desperation.

I voted for him because he was clearly the best option, was from Hawaii, was self-made, and wasn't 900 years old.
Anyone who is anyone these days follows Ta-Nehisi on Facebook and Twitter.

It's de rigueur at any Seattle dinner party to mention him.

Many a lobster bisque has been served with the words, "Did you read what Ta-Nehisi wrote in The Atlantic this week? Quite interesting".
Racists like Coates and Mudede rely on narrative fantasy too much.

I know, right! Bestselling author is talked about. I mean, they buy his books, and they read them. LOL! And then the TALK about it. The things in the books. Which they READ. Oh, man, burn.

Sick burn. Totally sick burn.

Oh, oh, and Twitter. They follow him. You figured that out because he has like 1M followers. 1.2 million. And so like, that means people follow him. LOL. Another sick burn. Killer thing to say.

Wow this is great stuff. Do Michael Moore now. Like, people buy his book. And and they follow him on the Twitter and they follow him on FB. So like, uh, like, yeah. You do it. You do it better than me. Total pwnage am I right? Total. Oh, I forgot to say the dinner parties. They have these like, FRIENDS, right? LOL. Yeah, and the come over and eat with them and then talk about what is in BOOKS that they READ. LOLOLOLOL. So embarrassed they are now. Talking with people about things they read in Ta-Nehisi Coates books. You nailed it. Genius.
The problem with this thesis is that the economy only really started tanking after Obama had already won the Democratic nomination. Not to mention that polling at the time had shown that the election was Obama's to lose. Don't forget the Sarah Palin nomination was pretty much a Hail Mary by the McCain campaign.

Coates is a great writer, but his Achilles heel, ironically enough, is that he's a racist in this way: he only seems capable of seeing the world through the lens of race. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind whatsoever that racism and slavery are indeed this country's original sin, and that they are absolutely critical to how we are to make progress. But it's not the only problem, and his preferred solution to it, reparations, if ever enacted, would likely destroy the country.

I suppose you could say that Coates' monomania is yet one more small indication of how difficult the problem of racism actually is.
@7 I take it the lobster bisque isn't to your liking?
Coates seems to be upset the most excellent President Obama was president for ALL Americans and not just for black Americans.

Doesn't that sound like the clown currently in office? Is that what Mr. Coates wanted? A black Trump, more Reverend Al than MLK?
Gee I never thougt of it that way. What really is the difference between he way Trump governs and Obama? They’re basically the same! Indistinguishable!

Thanks for showing up today, genius. Run along now.

@11. You don't real good, do you? He didn't say they were the same. He said Coates was upset they didn't govern for their respective races the same way.

He's saying Trump has whites interests at heart (sure you'd agree) and that Coates wished Obama had governed the same for blacks.

Don't know if I'd agree with all of that, but you are a knee jerk kind of ignoramus and need to be reminded to finish reading/listening before you start formulating your retort.
@12 Hard to have conversations with hysterics who don't complete sentences before mouthing off. There's a reason they call it "sophomoric" thinking, If you haven't grown out of it by the time you're 20, you'll never to live be able to live as a fully functioning adult.
Not really but don't let me spoil what seems to be a very proud moment for you.

A thing about Ta-Nahesi Coates appeared on a website, and you looked down at the alt-right troll script and it said you should say all the white liberals like talking about him so you wrote that out and posted it. You said the thing that all the troll bots say on all the other websites which have mentioned Coates in some way. A job well done. Very on message.

And now your script says you should write that the liberal elites think Obama is superman and also Coates is a lot further left than Obama, who continues to be the centrist he has always been since forever. You're supposed to troll that they don't agree about some stuff (shocker: left, center, not the same!) and yet they're both -- black! Which is a big thing to you guys? I don't know why, but yeah, your script is right. They don't agree about some stuff. Go to town.

Is it frustrating to you can't post pictures of Pepe here? Have you tried linking to them? You should. I think you'd get something out of it, whatever it is that does for you people.
"He's saying Trump has whites interests at heart (sure you'd agree) and that Coates wished Obama had governed the same for blacks."
Obama didn't show pro-black favoritism? Like when he said if he had a son he'd look like Trayvon. When a black Muslim massacred Jews in Paris and he referred to it as "some random people". If he had a son he'd look like the killer. When he invited Mike Brown and Trayvon's parents to the White House. Funny there was an outrageous "stand your ground shooting" that happened at the same time as the Trayvon/Zimmerman incident. It involved a black shooter and white-Hispanic victim. Wonder why Daniel Adkins parents didn't get the Trayvon treatment? Cause his killer was arrested immediately? Nope, it took twice as long for Cordell Jude Lamar to get arrested as Zimmerman. Neither Mike Brown or Trayvon would have gotten an ounce of Obama's time if the racial dynamics were different than what they were. And for all Obama's lecturing America on race he had a spiritual advisor who was an anti-Semite.
@14. What do you mean "you people"?
Sorry. I meant you fucking people.