Katie Herzog discovers purikura, something that has been a thing for over 20 years.
Infinite Jest is, (here come the hate bombs), the best novel ever written.
We've entered many dystopian futures already...
@2 - Really? I started reading it, but didn't make it past the first chapter. Is it better that Gravity's Rainbow?

Curious point: In the past, and among pre-tech civilizations, there was a mythology that contexualized the past, acknowledged one's place within it, and described a positive future that included the young'in hearing these stories.

What are our future stories now? Are they positive?

What are we telling ourselves about the future?
Gaddis' The Recognitions, kicks all these other books to hell. Thanks.
Okay, I clicked. I read this article despite the wrong headed comment title. Call me a fool. I've read most of what Pynchon, and Wallace have written, but NOT their signature pieces. I tire of Wallace and have tired of the bullshit around Thompson too, but really have enjoyed a lot more of his and Faulkner and Dostoyevsky more than DFW or Pynchon.
Now I guess we'll have to FAN out.
It's not 2017; it's the Year of the Depends Adult Undergarment.

Oh, we're well past Y.D.A.U.
David Foster Wallace was visionary before people knew what cellphones could do and he predicted the future on the cusp of digital technology taking off. He was trying to figure out how to be a person who knew the future of technology and cope with it all. If he created a problematic theme that would make the world laugh as well as cry, then nobody would stop reading, so the humor was inherent in the theme. If he could have seen what the future held and lived to see it unfold, he would’ve been closer to the truth than he could’ve thought possible and garnered a reputation beyond his wildest dreams that would’ve made him understand why he was working so hard to find the solution to boredom that he wanted so badly. He was working on a novel after Infinite Jest that was impossible to complete without a thesis that was close to problematic but resolvable only if he was allowed to cut out the entire section about unremarkable men and keep the part referring to characters that were memorable enough to keep the reader laughing long enough to hold everyone’s attention and not kill them with boredom. He was truly a genius who died before his time and I miss him.
There's no President Limbaugh being assassinated. It's a clean freak president who is still alive by the end of the book.

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