"the infamous Trump voter, who was most likely white and male and angry that he had to endure eight years with a black man..."

That is a false racial stereotype The Left is still trying to push;
in fact the 'typical' Trump voter was more likely to be a Person of Color than were Republican voters in 2012;
the typical Hillary voter was less likely to be a Person of Color than Democrat voters in previous elections.

The 'angry' paret is correct; but it was a lot of angry women and black and brown voters who elected Trump.
In case you missed the point;
eight years of Obama made people of color less likely to vote democrat.

And the book sounds pretty tedious.
We feel sorry for the writer's poor mum.....
@1 & 2, even if people of color were more likely to vote Republican in 2016 than they were in 2012, it doesn't change the fact that the vast majority of Trump voters are white people. And again, that's a big "if". Maybe link to some data to back up your claims?
I'm glad the left never judges people by the color or their skin or gender.
Thanks for this review.
The vast majority of American voters are white.
(70% white, 12% African-American)
It isn't Trump's fault that Hillary under-performs so badly among her own race.
Don't ever trust whitey. Simple as that.
Read these comments if you doubt.
1,2,4 - I am liberal and white. You turnip crackers get laughed at because you are ignorant bigots, not simply because you are honkies. I am sure you would love to make it about something else with your fussy word salads.

I can say that because white privilege, and white is right.
@1 Those are some ludicrous contortions you are getting into there in a lame ass attempt to disprove this 'false racial stereotype'. Republican support among minorities is absolutely abysmal. The fact that Trump's support was a tiny sliver less abysmal than Romney's is beyond meaningless.

It meant something to Hillary.
And to all the millions of marching mewing pussyhats.
And to Dan.
Perhaps you have been living in a menstrual hut for the past 15 months.
The Rachel Dolezal interview last year was one of the more interesting things I have read in a long time. I actually felt myself learn. I am looking forward to this book.
White people (like myself) shouldn’t worry so much about being viewed as a “good person.” You probably are a good person! I certainly think I am! But even if you’re a good person it doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of room for improvement. The question isn’t “Am I a bigot or a good person?” But rather “How can I learn more and do better?” Listening to other people helps. This book sounds like it might be quite helpful too.
Thanks Deepa for this well written profile of an important voice. We all have so much to learn about each other and from each other. I look forward to hearing more from both you and Ijeoma Oluo.

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