Woah, the comment I posted in response to the "7 tips" article three years ago is still relevant:

"Additional tips:

Be considerate of other people. Hopefully the Fisher Pavilon will provide more space than the past locations. But if you have a backpack filled with stuff, be aware that people may be trying to squeeze by you as you linger at a table. Also, you should have emphasized your "mosey along" suggestion. If you're looking at stuff at a table and a friend of yours appears then don't stand right in front of the table for 15 minutes while you have a conversation with them. Move to an open area. And if you decide to chat with the person behind the table, perhaps move over a little so you're not right in front of their main wares. Other people coming by may want to look at that stuff while you're chatting. I know these seem like petty gripes, but when they happen over and over and over it's hard not to get annoyed. The social component is a big factor for many there (which is great), but some people want to mainly actually see and touch all the items.

Bringing $50 cash is a good tip, but bring smaller bills if you can (i.e. a bunch of $1s and $5). Making change for $20 bills all day can be cumbersome."

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