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The journalist's long view of Big Tech is worth hearing.

Kara Swisher was present at the creation of the internet economy. Courtesy of Kara Swisher



“The surprise is that she emerged from a segment of the journalism world, tech writing, that is filled with publications and writers who tend to coddle the industry they rely on for scoops—a back-scratchy symbiosis that has contributed to the present tech morass.“

Swisher was writing for the Wall Street Journal during and about the dot-com bubble, without acknowledging her then-partner operated the Planet Out web site. This was a blatant conflict of interest which neither Swisher nor her employer deigned to address.

You might not want to rely upon such a source for anything requiring “integrity.”


@ 1 this is but one of many examples of Kara's selective cowing to the tech overlords of the day. Anyone who followed her career during her time with Walt Mossberg @ WSJ will know the extent of the access she had to the tech leaders during the for the last 20 years, and how frequently she would obsequiously use that access to repeat lines fed to her by her favored patrons in the industry. Her self-conscious posture now as critique-in-chief is a bit rich...

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