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But somehow he hasn't let it get to him.

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Great column, Rich!


This brings a tear to my eyes!
I still remember taking the 174 route to Sea-Tac for those red-eye flights!


I am always amazed by the interpersonal dexterity of bus drivers. It's a super power.

But this guy, in addition, seems to have a beautiful soul, and it tells in his face. I look forward to reading his work.


What a lovely man!


I hate hate hate driving. For this reason I hold bus drivers in high regard - they are practically deities in my book. Go Nathan. Bus culture is fascinating and is fertile ground for stories.


Bus drivers are heroes. Looking forward to reading this!


@7 I like the way you do maths.

But yes, congratulations to this driver. A diamond amongst the rust of public servants.


Having been a regular #7 passenger on Nathan's bus, I can attest to the fact that he is the one of the most decent, empathetic human beings I have ever encountered. I was thrilled and impressed - but not at all surprised - when I learned he was a writer.


This driver is great and I have encountered may considerate and kind bus drivers in the Seattle area. He is far from the only one and they are heroes and quick thinkers while driving in this city. Buses are my main mode of transportation. Thank you for the article.

What dirt bag would throw a bag of shit at a stranger on the street especially someone in a wheelchair? Sick.


"Vass doesn't blame the other drivers for passing on the man in his condition. He understands that taking on such a passenger could pose a risk."
Depending on how full their buses were or if they were late, they may have had to pass. Yes, this poor man had to endure their decision but that doesn't make them cat shit or toxic monsters. It makes them human. Nathan just happens to actually be amazing.

Maybe read the book? You might feel better at least. :)

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