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We don’t want your gaze, but we DO want you to buy us shit.



@1 Congratulations, you understand the basic concept of reparations. Both making amends for a committed wrong and ceasing the behavior.


@2 That’s asinine. On an individual level, neither I nor anyone else owes reparations. The government that expressly benefited white people for so long might, which, while supported by my taxes, is a separate entity.

All this does is enforce the stereotype of playing the victim.


@2 Again, the definition of reparation is to make amends and compensate the victims. The US has paid reparations many times in the past. The government should, in fact, pay reparations. The choice to donate or not to this cause is yours alone. People should not be harassed for either donating or receiving.
@4 Laws based on ethnicity are for anti discriminatory purposes. This is not discriminatory. Reparations, in this case, are for a crime committed by the government to a group based on race and so should be as such.

PS. Reparations would likely cost less that Trumps tax cuts