The Enemy at Home

Dinesh D’Souza Takes Sides in the War on Terror—Osama bin Laden's Side


The whole idea of freedom and free will is that we are free to choose what paths we take in life. Forcing people to act by the standards of behavior that a particular group wants others to have is obviously not freedom. As long as people do no harm physically or mentally to others and are of an age deemed to be adult, then what they do privately is their own concern. To those with religious convictions I say that I too have my beliefs and we will find out if we are right after we die. That will be the truest test of faith, it's between us and God and no other person.
I have a deep contempt for Dinesh D'Souza and what he represents. He's not the only manifestation of the notion among our scribes that Islam is just the Rx the doctor ordered for American debauchery; he's simply the most obvious. I suggest if D'Souza prefers Sharia to Sharon Stone -- and would force that preference upon all of us -- that he emigrate at once to the Islamic society of his choice. I'm sure he'd receive a hero's welcome.

An excellent review, I might add.
Christopher Hitchens always subjected Dinesh to the most devastating - and highly entertaining - debate losses. Unlike most religious apologists he argued with, Mr. Hitchens seemed to hold genuine contempt for this tiresome buffoon.

Alas, Hitch died several months too early to wax poetic on D'souza's precipitous, hypocritical, and hilarious fall from grace last October. Them traditional christian family values are a bitch, eh?