The Worst Pulp Novelist Ever

Remembering Leo Guild


just read Street of Ho's after it spilled into the street from a box of "big garbage" on "big garbage" day. It is providing entertainment to us mailmen on the West Side of Buffalo
I never read any of his books, but, I knew the man; he was gentle and seeking exitement - all the time. It was obvious though, it was showman-like for those around him. When he was alone in his abode, he preferred to watch television and read the newspaper.

I last saw him in the mid 90's but, searched his whereabouts in 2007 to connect with him and see how his was - only to learn of his demise. I will dearly miss his ability to make "me" laugh.

As the editor of the 1980s publication "It Goes On The Shelf" cited, I appreciate the additional details about Leo Guild, who I had never heard of at the time. The review of the Scarm book in the 1987 4th issue of my amateur magazine is actually of a rare illustrated hardcover reprint rather than the sleazy 1972 paperback. But the text is the same, done by facsimile. There has since been another paperback edition (Ramble House 2004), perhaps still in print.
I just got done reading "Some Like It Dark" ("The Intimate Autobiography of a Negro Call Girl"), by Kipp Washington, as told to Leo Guild and I submit: this guy was no hack. The book flows, and it has coherence, with subtleties in the way of social commentary. First published as a PB original in 1966, Holloway House, HH-122, 75c cover price. The eroticism is quite well managed--not smutty, and there's a fair amount of psychological insight laid into the 224 pages of text. I wonder if this tome originated entirely in Guild's mind or if the individual Kipp Washington really exists? If so, buzz me baby!
I'd also like to know if Kipp Washington really exists. I mean, there's a mugshot photo on the paperback cover - is it her?