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I loved the Hubbard crap pulp fiction stories, shows you my mentality, I was a faithful Scientology cult dupe though, at the time. One thing about the Hubbard crap pulp stories, is that this will be the raw proof of just how bad Hubbard really was, and how low the taste of the followers of his writing were. My two Hubbard pulp favorites are "Case of the Friendly Corpse" which has an exciting ending, and one story whose title I can't recall but the hero is a farmer who is stubborn (might be this one is called "One Was Stubborn"), this farmer turns into God. That's gotta be my Hubbard all time favorite writing. I was a born sucker for how to become God, sheesh! Sort of aligns with the Scientology/Hubbard operation, selling people on the idea that if people just get rid of their hitch-hiking "body thetans" that infest each of us ("body thetans" are the Scientology "religion" souls that are so numerous and flying about freely here on earth, that our bodies are infested with tens of thousands of these surplus "body thetans"), well if we use Hubbard's science fiction spiritual fraud therapy procedures, we can get rid of our "body thetans" (this is all the confidential secret top "upper levels" of Scientology/Hubbard's "Bridge to Total Freedom"), then we will be Gods, each one of us.

The Hubbard pulps once out and on Amazon for $.99 cents in the near future, will allow Scientology observers to read all of Hubbard's pulp "classics" and lay to rest how bad Hubbard was as a writer.

Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology lifetime staffer dupe, 1975-2003
I read a little of one of L Ron's science fiction novels and it was crap. One of the most boring books I've ever read. Don't give the cult your money.
Thank you for writing this review.
Hubbard wrote tons of dribble and just awful CRAP like these books.
I hope they don't sell.
This CULT needs to be making LESS money and stop being tax exempt to boot.

I am sure they are going to order every Scientologist to buy them, which will be the only people buying them.
Chuck, I knew it was you by the third sentence, wonder if you know who this is? ehehehehe...
Awesomely, the ad underneath this article is for the "Scientology Video Channel." Its tagline: "Knowing how to know." Scientology is creepy as shit but goddamn that's funny.
Judging from the popularity of the equally horrible Twilight books, I'd suggest it's likely that there is a huge market for books that can be read inattentively while watching television. For books of that genre cliché is a must, because you have to be able to skip whole pages here or there without affecting one's grasp of the plot.
Chuck, I'm curious, did the CoS let you go without a fight? Threats? Intimidation?
I posted this comment over on slog, but it really belongs here. Anon, can you give me your take on what the big fucking deal was about Battlefield Earth, the book? I remember years before the movie came out looking at the long list of raves from all sorts of Sci-fi authors for that book and hearing about it from other sci-fi nerds who spoke positively of it. I was semi-seriously expecting a non-retarded experience when I went to see the flick from all that hype from back in the day. Does any of this ring a bell? Do you know what all those Sci-fi authors and other sci-fi nerds saw in that book? Do you think there's actually something there?
I'm sure Alison Bechdel has plans to keep "Dykes" alive. She has mentioned on her own blog that it was an extremely painful decision to place the strip on hold. She is currently working on her second autobiographical graphic novel, which necessitated placing "Dykes" on hiatus. Bechdel has stated that she would like to continue to work on the comic strip for the rest of her life. I, for one, would be happy to read that long.
I tried to read Battlefield Earth way back in the day, and I couldn't get very far. The men were heroic and the women were wimpy losers who needed men to rescue them. Boring!

Dykes To Watch Out For on the other hand is freakin' awesome.
Oh yeah, and I was gonna say, it's hard for academic writing like The World of Lucha Libre to live up to the title. I once bought a book called Sodomy And The Pirate Tradition. Totally disappointing! It turned out to be somebody's graduate thesis. It needed a lot more... sodomy... or something. Still, it looked great on my coffee table. Best title ever. I keep it on my book shelf next to Bad Boys And Their Tough Tattoos.
Does the author know that "Galaxy Press" is nothing but a Scientology run operation? If not, WHY NOT?
@ Ensie, I think if there was an ending to the strip and then a new iteration of the characters, either in book form or on a website or whatever, that would be ideal. It's pretty obvious that Bechdel isn't going to be able to maintain a regular comic strip for some time to come. She doesn't have to kill everyone or anything like that, but bringing a natural ending the strip and beginning a DTWOF 2.0 would be lovely.