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Monkeybicycle Is Better Than the Rest of the Litmags


Does this pricey (twelve bucks????) zine have cartoons? I don't buy magazines unless they contain cartoons; I must have graphic elements to break up those blocks of intimidating text. And speaking of text, what typeface does Mr. Seighman use in "Monkeybicycle?" Is it pleasing to the eye? Is it easy to read? I don't know why you bookworms always neglect this important factor when opining on literary productions. This really grills my shrimp!
Monkeybicycle sometimes includes cartoons, but not in this issue. We use poetry to break up the longer text this time around.

The primary typeface in this issue is 10.5 point Adobe Caslon Pro. The combination of that and the spacing makes it very easy to read.

And the reason it's $12 is because it's 200 pages of stories and poems. I think that's a pretty standard price for a book you'd find in a bookstore.
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