How to Open an Awesome Bookstore in Nine Easy Steps

Summer Robinson Created Pilot Books with a Little Money and Not Much of a Plan


Summer is awesome! And beautiful too!! Check out Pilot Books. You won't regret it.
I'm going there tomorrow.
It is a great space, lots of new authors I've never heard of. Love it!
This sounds just like our new bookstore on Vashon Island. Stranger Than Fiction Books. Awesome! We should collaborate.
Shucks. Thanks Paul, thanks Chris, thanks Bald Wookie.

To everyone, I really do have a website! My server has only failed once before in the history of my server... and again today. I'm mortified. I'm going to send my story to Teen magazine. I'm going to enter a convent and read only the most illuminated manuscripts for the rest of my life.

Summer Robinson
Ah hell, I'll swing buy and buy a book from her tomorrow. Gotta support the indies. Don't mean to be a dick, but this store won't last very long.
That smile makes my knees weak. Great photo.
I hope the best for this place. I'll try and pay it a visit soon. Sounds neat.
What a great article, what a great place. I'll be by soon. Thanks for this.
What a fantastic idea! I love this place even from a hell hole like Dubai. Warms my heart to know this is out there. Paul Constant you rock my world with your consistantly interesting subject matter.
Oh why, oh why don't I live in Seattle?
I was there. It's great. And, ya, that girl does have a great smile. The books are great also. Check out the lending library - it's upstairs. But be kind folks; be sure to return what you borrow.
I love Summer, Pilot Books, the Sunday reading group, her website...everything. I want to live there.
Its great to see that people are still brave enough to open small, indie bookstores. With Borders closing, I'm on the hunt for my new bookstore. I'll have to check this one out soon.
I will pray that is last long for you I want to open a book stor too. A christion book store . In muleshoe Tx of all things LOL good luck and may god be with you.
I was a great piece. i am looking to open a bookstore too. And since i have no idea what i am doing, this is a good start. Thank you and God Bless!!
I pray for increase for your bookstore. My dream is to open a christian bookstore. That is why I am online now. Researching on how to go about doing it. May you be blessed in all your endeavors.

Tracey Wickware
I have had a dream to open a bookstore since all the big bookstores have closed in my area. I wish you had of included some more in the article. It seemed a bit generic. I wish you much success.
I found this website very helpful, hard to find it now with all of these spam websites competing for the same customers.…