Meet Your New Neighbors

Hotbed of Gay Sex, Meet Hotbed of Literature


Great story idea!
Just what the hell is the point of this article? I found the first part of it insulting and did not do add anything to the fact that they just happen to be neighbors to each other. Let it be. It's Capitol Hill and we are all the better that these two places can co-exist.

gilletebret, you know you love it. why else would a hater like you troll this site? you LOVE it and you love the gays. if that pisses you off, well, relieve your stress by posting anti-gay messages on this site. because it really, really, really proves you aren't gay. because you're not. gay, that is. except you love reading a newspaper that caters to super libs and the gays.
Finding a place like that disgusting does not mean you're anti-gay. On the contrary, if you think it DOES, then *you* have just equated being gay with actively seeking anonymous sex with strangers.

See you at the glory holes, gillettebret.
no. no, no. you clueless and allegedly purplehearted moron bitch. we indeed do not know you are right. we EMPHATICALLY know, darling sweet idiot cake, that you are ANYTHING and EVERYTHING but right. and please, do NOT presume to speak for "normal people". the person you describe yourself to be is a retarded plague upon humanity, and the tipping point of your Neanderthal bullshit is really way past nigh. right, indeed. plus we already have a mr. poe, so your services are neither desired or required. thank you.
Sounds like your purple hearts were for blows to the head, gillettebret.
OH! and you're clearly mentally ill.
@13: The thing about the internet, sir, is that you really don't get to decide what you have to put up with.
This story was delightful.
I've said it before. I'll say it again. Why, oh why do people who don't like [thing or people] go out of their way to read material about [thing or people], just so they can make comments about how much [thing or people] disgusts them. How about . . . wait for it . . . not reading publications that upset and revolt you! I myself dislike pickled eggs, tequila, anti-semitism, and shorts worn as workwear, among other things. So what I do, and I know it seems crazy, is not read blogs such as shortswearingeggpicklingtequilalovingnaz…. That way, I remain un-squicked and my blood stays less angrified. Just a thought.
You actually want to meet your neighbors? OneTwib is a pretty cool for that
You actually want to meet your neighbors? OneTwib is a pretty cool for that,