I Think It's Me

A Personal History of Belinda Carlisle's Personal History


I still love every song on that album! Skidmarks on my Heart & This Town are classics.

I've been wanting there to be a Go Go's bio for so long. As a teenaged east coaster obsessed with California, these girls represented all my fantasies about what it must've been like to grow up in "The Valley." I still hope someday a real journalist writes that book, because as one of the best bands of the 80s they deserve better than this sucky memoir. No offense, Belinda! Saw them at the Pier a few years ago and they were incredible.
Jesus Christ, Kathleen, do you think the current readers of the Stranger today care about the gogos?

How old are you? What is your weight? I bet you're old and fat with children today, right?
@2: Oh boy, you sure pwned her! I'll bet she's crawled back under the covers in utter shame at her existence. People who get old, chubby, and have the utter shamelessness to reproduce SHOULD BE BURNED AT THE STAKE! Especially if they're women.
what a shitty and pointless article...
Great review. I used to listen to her as a kid. Never knew about the coke addiction; she always seemed squeaky clean to me.
#2, do you even know any people in their 20s? They don't just love the 80s, they love the stuff that only parents from the 80s and their uncool kids listened to. George Michael? Journey? Lionel Ritchie? Hall & Oats? The Go Gos were better than any of that crap.
Okay, you know what? I like you. I think you sound like good people. So, now that we're friends, I have to tell you that this sounds like it should go on your blog, not in a printed newspaper. I have to tell you these things because I am a good friend, and friendship is all about being honest, right? I'm just being honest!
Great article. I had no idea that she was using until so recently.