In Search of Lost Time

William Gibson Finds the Future in a Cookie


Only Mudede could make a book by William "Molly Millions" Gibson sound like a stultifyingly dull textbook on modern global economic theory. Augh.
Negative, -ink.

Usually, the brilliant exposition of Mr. Mudede is par excellent, but nothing can save the tepid writing of the Wal-Martized Gibson.

Give it up, Gibson, your best work is far behind you.

Burning Chrome and Mona Lisa Overdrive, were great, but everything you have done since then reads like an advert for that pathetic Amazon book company.

You are simply not qualified to be a futurist.

Sorry, chum.
Gibson's great as a noir writer.

It's pretty annoying for him to refer to himself as "a Futurist" because that's a label everyone should avoid like the plague. Futurists are people who are inevitably and embarrassingly wrong.
@2, i fear you. you are hardcore. fear you in every way.
@2 just because Gibson was smart enough to ditch the notion of people living their lives in goggles and robo-pocalypse doesn't mean he's not qualified to be a futurist. He realized that the future, actually, is now and is taking a form no one envisioned. That in fact makes him a very good futurist, if only because he is also clearly a realist.

pity you can't appreciate what Gibson's done since. he's no longer writing science fiction, or cyber punk. with Pattern Recognition he simply moved into literature. he's demonstrated,convincingly, that the future is already here, just not evenly distributed.

but, stick with (excellent)juvenalia, genre fiction and comic books if you must.

i also wonder if you get confused when you read Charles Stross - it must be confusing for you when a writer changes styles and concerns.