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And Tens of Thousands of Screaming Fans


I think that the whole "this book isn't real, or about Esther" thing was compleatly fair. I don't think that it matters what or who the author bases their books on, but I know that a lot of people can get wrapped up in that sort of thing. I feel like that was just preventing a lot of argument and discussion about something unimportant to the story.
TFIOS is probably my favorite book ever, just replacing Paper Towns (also by John), and I'm so happy to see that other people love it.
John is so amazing. He understands so much. I don't really know how to describe how awesome he is. He just means so so so much to me. he's changed my life. He's made me discover new friends. John Green has given me hope. (And I'm only 13!)
Best Wishes,
Jaimee, a Nerdfighter.
I don't know who you are Anna, but you must have dug through a lot of John Green to come up with some of this information.

... or, you clicked around randomly and picked out the interesting stuff. Either way, I like your style.
wonderful article, dftba.
Great book, and great article. Thank you John and thank you Anna.
John green is a life changing person without even realizing it. He's extremely intuitive and smart and so overall cleverly smart and funny. He makes me proud to be my self and for that, I truthfulyl owe him more than I can imagine. He means the world to me, and then some. (Universe=NO EDGE. {Nerdfighter reference}) John Green is the description and definition of awesome.

Best regards,
Lauryn, Nerdfighter (13yrs old)
I've followed the brothers on YouTube for years and the whole community is so happy about John's success. I love reading articles that have anything to do with John and/or Hank. It shows how far the community reaches. The Fault in Our Stars is amazing, and I'd recommend it to anyone/
Thanks for this article! Very true. I love this book, and I love John's work so much, but I do confess to having some of the same curiosity which you wrote about. All in all, however, you have done well with your writing also.

DFTBA, Anna.
Great article, Anna. As a fan, I don't really care how much of John's books are true. I just love the way his books run the gamut of emotions -- one minute you're laughing out loud, in tears the next. He is a shining example of why I now read more Young Adult fiction than novels aimed at adults. By the way, check out John & Hank's new YouTube channel -- they are now teaching us history and science! DFTBA!

By the way, I'm almost 60 years old! Nerdfighteria knows no age limit.
John Green is an amazing author and an amazing person. While he doesn't know all of our names, we all know his and, though his and Hanks video, has become our friend. We've all shared so much with him though the years and look forward to sharing more.

Tegan - Nerdfighter.
Hey, some of us at that signing weren't screaming teenagers. There are a lot of nerdfighters out there in their late 20s, early-mid 30s, and even beyond.

Well, ok. I may have screamed a *tiny* bit.
I think it's a important fact that the game were called aerofighter, but John misread it. You can see the vlog here:…
I think it's an important fact that the game wasn't named nerdfighters, it was named aerofighters, but Jihn misread it. You can watch the vlog here:…
I read "The Fault in Our Starts" and was blown away. It's a teen, excuse me, a young adult novel and I didn't expect it to be so good. I read it for free, so I immediately bought myself a copy and one for my best friend and for my goddaughter who is 16. I could gush on here for a few paragraphs, but let me tell people to go buy it yourself and see. It's hardcover, but because it is YA, it is only $17.99. Read it and then give it to one of your friends.
i found it odd that you didn't mention the fact that john signed every pre-ordered copy. I probably found it odd because john mentions it so often, but it's worth mentioning. Regardless, i love the article. DFTBA and best wishes!
John is my hero! The Vlogbrothers really contributed to the growing of my character and confidence!
Welcome to Nerdfightaria, Anna. DFTBA :)

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