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Salinger Is a Phony Biography of a Goddamned Genius

The happiest camera-shy recluse you’ll ever see. The Weinstein company / dimension films


Goddamit Paul. This is a really good review.
Can't believe Paul's upset about this. A creep perving on teenage girls in his old age, who happened to write a book that was a fifties footnote (it's not that good-must be an East Coast thing). Honestly, Salinger was a mean, narcissistic elitist whose "literature" hasn't stood the test of time. He's no Poe, Dickens or Shakespeare.
Now I have to read the book. I really wasn't going to.
#1 Surprisingly - I agree
#2 You won't know if his work stands the test of time for sure until all the manuscripts have been published and time has past. He certainly struck a chord that still resonates.

You don't think Poe, Dickens, or Shakespeare is the "author of one of the most popular books of the 20th century", do you?
Great review, I'll wait for the tweet...
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Shields' idea of what people nowadays want is just absurd.
Everybody loves a great story told well. He has a great story, it's a shame he didn't (in Paul's eyes) tell it well.

Thanks for the excellent review, Paul.
I'll read the book with that grain of salt.
@7 Your're nothing but a big phony!
Paul, seriously, when you hate on things, the world is more alive and a better place, because you do it eloquently and with good reason.

I think you're better at hating things (in writing) than loving things. Please tell us about the things you hate. We all need happiness.

Good points, all -- as are most of the points you make when you hate on things. (Excellent summation of Billy Collins' upcoming reading, by the way.)

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