Rookie Turns Two

Every Girl I Know Is Reading This Teenager Stuff


YES! I discovered Rookie a couple of weeks ago and it BLEW me away! I spent the day pouring over every article AND relating (I am 39). Where was Tavi when I was a teenager?!?! I bookmarked for my daughter (11), I don't think she will be interested quite yet (she is still in her Katniss phase) but I CAN NOT wait for her to devour it. If I am lucky enough to raise two girls to be casual yet radical feminists it will be my biggest success as a woman. It will be their biggest success as contributing human beings.
#1, but we had Sassy and Bust, back when Bust was actually good and still had the tagline "no beauty tips or guilt trips."
@2 - I should've known I was gay if only for my love of Sassy magazine.
@3 I had totally forgotten about Sassy. I LOVED that mag!! I wonder how many other gay boys of a certain age were into it. Makes me think I should be checking out this one too.
#2 & 3, You should check out the Sassy Tumblr. It totally holds up, and there's even a Portland road trip article:
@5 - Thank you for the tip!