The City Was Taking a Deep Breath Before It Screamed for 20 Years

A List of Things That Didn't Kill Me: Author Jason Schmidt on Seattle's Transformations


I just asked KCLS library to research who the biggest Land Hogs in Washington State are.

Instead of griping about high prices, why not fight to return more land to residences?

Higher property taxes would put more acreage on the auction block.

I am RACING to find this book right now. Thank you.
Very compelling write-up! I definitely want to read the book.
A must read for me, a Seattle native going back generations - I left. It's impossible to understand how Seattle changed into what it is now... for me anyway. The funkyness is gone gone gone.
What fucking small minds. Seattle is riding fashion, has been since forever. You see a snapshot and think that's the norm. Get over yourself, its flowing, the funk changes you didn't. If you loved beaded curtains hanging in the doorway I hope you have moved on