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The Immense Loneliness of Jim Shepard's Holocaust Novel The Book of Aron

Author Jim Shepard. Barry Goldstein


Rick's "Affectlessness" I wondered might've been rendered "Affectionlessness" before "I was told I couldn't stay but no one noticed I hadn't left. So hard on your heart you stop reading and walk and shake off this immense loneliness." Affectionlessness or Affectlessness?

Sea-at-tlur-ista GroundZero 60' deeper, watery, sumpish, prone to earthquake forces beneath weak historic and modern structures above, hundreds; sudden collapse with grevious death toll too possible. I so dispise Wsdot leaders and department head spokespersons so Dead fk'n rong on the Bertha Tunnel as proposed. Crime! Cruelty! Highway Robbery!

Bertha Plan B tunnel ascends to a Pike/Pine Portal for the strongest seawall, the least threat to buildings nearby. Cement pier rows both sides entire length stabilizes watery soils. Walkway Overlook still possible.
New traffic arrangement options worth another dam study, probably, maybe, you never know.
The first questions is as dumb as this one:

The first question is as dumb as this one:

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