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If You've Given Up on Humanity, Might I Recommend David Neiwert's Book on Killer Whales?

Meet Lolita, the only southern resident orca that is still alive after being taken from Puget Sound. David Neiwert


Save our resident and transient orcas---and all that is so sustainably beautiful in Puget Sound, Salish Sea and the San Juan Island Archipelago. There is nothing like seeing members of the K-pod out naturally foraging for salmon near Stewart Island, surfacing from just yards away!
Free Tillikum and Lolita!
What part of the human brain is responsible for naming an Orca "Lolita?" Yikes.

The idea that these magnificent animals, let alone all other animals, should be left in peace is somehow challenging to most people makes me want to give up. Oh, that's right, they're delicious. Got it. I'm sure your kids are too.
It's the same part of the brain responsible for naming others Chainsaw, Granny, Oreo and Doublestuff.

Granny, the leader of J pod is 102 years old.
@2 her original name was Tokitae, but the Seaquarium renamed her Lolita because she kept calling to Hugo, and older southern resident. (They were eventually put in the same tank, but Hugo committed suicide by repeatedly smashing his head into the sides of the enclosure. Lolita, a member of one of the most social species on the planet, has been alone for almost 40 years.)
rara avis, rare bird. I worked for a company years ago named the same.
Wouldn't it be great if Lolita could be reunited with her family? I would donate to a fund to transport her to the west coast, she would find her way north to her family.
@6. That would be so amazing to see.

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