A Handy Guide to the Poets Reading at Wave in the PNW


"You can pick up on that rhythm in passages like this one. “An oak tree / in Hubbard’s Passage / stands absolutely / motionless / and dark / against the sky.” If you put some speed on that sentence, you’ll notice that the syllables in the second half fall into a regular, two-beat rhythm. The sonic effect is soothing, and it’s said to mimic the natural pattern of English speech."

We should demand more musicality in contemporary poetry. The poem shouldn't need the reader to "put some speed on that sentence" to feel the rhythm. That's the poet's job.
So far today you've done two articles on Asian American poets and posted photos of them: both young pretty women. Especially the first story, whose photo looks like it's been photoshopped (or whatever the word is now).