David Brewster's New "Membership Library," Folio: Athenian Revival or Mediocre-but-Benign Cultural Gesture? Discuss.


If young, curious people from many different backgrounds give Folio a try

You mean the Stranger's audience? This piece isn't helping.
when drinking that buck a cup coffee remember keep you pinky finger elevated ---about the same as your nose.
$125/yr and I have to pay for coffee? Really?
when drinking that buck-a -cup coffee remember to keep your pinky finger elevated, about the same as your nose.
Aaaah, so it's based on the Providence one?
$125 a year for writing & co-working space? Given how popular Ballard cafes are (RIP, Bauhaus), as well as libraries, that sounds like a great deal for low-brow and hobbyist writers who want to get out of the house but also get work done.

As for the rest ... my hope that this doesn't erode support for SPL. And I still hold to my unsupported conjecture that the attempt to rebrand SPL was a panicky move in reaction to this project.

Lastly - what's a "Bainbridge liberal" and how do one differ from a Madrona, Madison Park of Mercer Island liberal? Other than the ferry ride home after attending a Democratic fundraiser, of course.
If the Seattle Public Library was more of a library and less of a child day care, homeless shelter and all around noisy hell hole (all branches by the way) then this would not be necessary.

Seattle Public Library is more concerned with making the jobs of the people it employs as easy as possible to the detriment of the actual purpose of a library. God forbid one of the lazy fatties or gay dudes working there has to get off their fanny and tell the idiots on their cell phones to take it outside or wake up the snoring homeless people.

$125 a year is a bargain for a clean, safe, quiet space to think, create, dream and write. Thank you David Brewster.
I agree with #8. Libraries and art museums in this city are so ridiculously noisy, and they aren't as enjoyable because of it.

They should build a library in the Hot House. The women who run that place seem to be the only workers in the city who enforce a strict code of whispering.