Pass the Chlorinated Chicken, S'il Vous Plait

What the Fight Over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Tells Us About the Trans-Pacific Partnership


First! I just wanted the first comment not to be some knee-jerk "YOU R RONG" reactionary rant.
do you know what else is bathed in Chlorine? me after I get out of my hot tub.

a friend of mine posted on FB that she was "horrified and terrified" by TPP. girl, please. it's business as usual.
If you're going to eat mass-produced chickens, chlorine is a cheap and effective disinfectant. Given the stronger possibility of a life-threatening bacterial infection from an untreated chicken, I would say "Yes please" to the chlorinated variety.
Just rinse or brine your chicken?
Freshly slaughtered birds can be blasted with very cold air for several hours to lower their body temperature and kill harmful pathogens.The “air-chilled” chicken costs about $2 more per pound, but it’s worth it.

“If it’s the right choice, any family wouldn't mind paying a bit more. There are no compromises when it comes to health i guess.