Mexican Drag

(PERFORMANCE) Every Thursday, South Park restaurant Juan Colorado has drag entertainment not unlike its sister Pho Bang at the Re-bar. There are major differences, of course--like Juan Colorado having a mariachi band instead of a punk one. But the attitude is there, and it's damn entertaining. Juan Colorado also has excellent food, so go early and eat. Also, brush up on your Spanish, 'cause it's the only way you're gonna know when the queens are hitting on your boyfriend. (Juan Colorado Restaurant, 8709 14th Ave S, 764-9379, 10 pm.) KELLY O



(MUSIC) If you're looking for the region's next Olympia, set sail for the sleepy seaside town of Anacortes, WA. Demand proof? This weekend brings What-the-Heck-Fest, Knw-Yr-Own Records' inaugural music festival. Expect performances from the Microphones, Mirah, D+, the Blow, Mecca Normal, Lois, and just about every other goddamn person you'd expect to tag along. (Fri-Sat July 19-20, various venues around Anacortes, see for specific details, 360-293-9788, $3-$25.) ZAC PENNINGTON


(THEATER EXPERIMENT) If you missed it last week, here's another chance to catch the latest installation of what has become a Seattle institution--14/48: The World's Quickest Theater Festival, in which the cream of the local fringe theater scene comes together to conceive, write, design, score, rehearse, and perform 14 plays in 48 hours, alternately blazing their way to brilliance and humiliating themselves trying. (This thing always sells out, so get there early.) (Consolidated Works, 500 Boren Ave N. Shows at 8 & 10:30 pm, tonight and tomorrow night. Tickets are $14.48.) DAVID SCHMADER


Walter Mosley

(READINGS) The great Walter Mosley will read from his latest Easy Rawlins novel, Bad Boy Brawly Brown. Once celebrated as Bill Clinton's favorite writer, Mosley launched the blues detective fiction form into the mainstream. The only other blues detective writer to come close to his level of success was Harlem's Chester Himes--but Himes did not have the smooth soul and music that flows through Mosley's books. Mosley is one cool cat. (Elliott Bay Book Company, 101 S Main St, 624-6600, 7:30 pm, free.) CHARLES MUDEDE


They Might Be Giants

(MUSIC) I don't suppose I need to go into too many details about how TMBG are stronger than ever after more than 20 years together. Instead, I will say that the Grammy-winning Johns are touring to support their recent children's album, NO!; and then I will list a few of the titles from that record, because the record is very good, and the titles are funny enough to give you an idea what you're getting into. A few song titles: "Fibber Island," "Four of Two," "Robot Parade," "The House at the Top of the Tree," "I Am Not Your Broom," "I Am a Grocery Bag," and "Bed Bed Bed." (Sat July 20 at the Paramount, 8 pm, $25; Sun July 21 at EMP, 1 pm, sold out.) SEAN NELSON


Zooties Cafe

(UNFUSSY EATING) No offense to foie gras and truffle oil, but sometimes a girl just wants peanut butter and jelly. Zooties Cafe--a teeny spot that serves excellent sandwiches, soups, and salads (also homemade lasagna and soft-serve ice cream)--fulfills my need for foods that bring me back to the fourth grade. I'm talking about simpler lunches from simpler times: egg salad (plain, light, and so creamy), turkey, meatballs, hot dogs, even Fluffernutters. You must try Wednesday's oxtail soup, with its clear, flavorful broth and delicious beef essence. (Zooties Cafe, 324 15th Ave E, 325-9178.) MIN LIAO


Home Movie

(DOCUMENTARY) At long last, here is Chris Smith's follow-up to the hilarious, line-blurring documentary American Movie. Home Movie takes an Errol Morris-style odyssey into a diverse quintet of American dwellings--an electronic house, a missile silo, and a tree house, among them--where he tries to gather some kind of clue about the folks who live there. Sounds kind of drab, I suppose, until you consider the way American Movie's persistent and uninflected gaze made its subjects seem incrementally laughable, pathetic, heroic, ordinary, and hypnotic before it was through. (Fri-Thurs July 19-25 at the Varsity.) SEAN NELSON


Silent Lambs Project

(MUSIC) Silent Lambs Project are the best hiphop band in the Pacific Northwest. Their CD Soul Liquor was a beautiful mess, and their latest CD, Street Talkin... Survival, is a beautiful gem. I will even go so far as to say that Northwest hiphop was pretty much unconscious until the arrival of Silent Lambs Project. Their hiphop is wide awake; it sounds and moves not like a dream of hiphop, but like real hiphop. (I-Spy, 1921 Fifth Ave, 374-9492, 9 pm, $7.) CHARLES MUDEDE