Come party to raise money for Indivisible on October 8th. EVERYONE IS GOING TO HAVE A GOOD TIME LIKE THIS. David Lees / Getty

Since its days as a humble Google doc full of practical ideas for defeating the Trump agenda, Indivisible has grown into a potent political force with a presence in every congressional district of the United States. They've been crucial players in the effort to shut down Trumpcare each time it rises from the grave, in the effort to defend DACA, and in the general effort to hold both Republican and Democratic members of congress accountable for their actions.

If we want to ITMFA, if we want to move on stuff like single-payer, if we want to fight back the rising tide of hatred threatening to flood this country, then winning back Congress in 2018 should be the most important item on our agenda. That work begins now.

Indivisible is expanding their reach, hiring staff, and preparing to mobilize activists in districts across the country to do just that. They need money for that stuff. So we're throwing a little party with beers and musics and special guest speakers and tables full of people who work at organizations such as Planned Parenthood, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project, Muslim Association of Puget Sound, De-escalate Washington, and the ACLU.

Sea No H8: Benefit Concert for Indivisible will be held Sunday, October 8th from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Optimism Brewing.

There's gonna be beer! Optimism Brewing was kind enough to brew a special beer for the occasion. It's called Indivisible, and it's an amber beer because of the 🎶 amber waves of grain 🎶 connection but also because amber is the best beer.

There's gonna be music!

"Seattle's only Forro band," En Canto, will kick things off.

Soul diva and very nice person Tiffany Wilson will close out the show.

There's gonna be political talkin! I'll very briefly discuss some upcoming races you should keep your eye on and point you to organizations where you can donate your time and/or money. There will also be special political guests, but I can't tell you about them right now because they're a secret.