No mention of that Wolfgang Fuck show poster that's getting all the votes on /r/seattle?…
What's with all of the "white guy" references? What is that supposed to tell us? Is this now some bizarro-world paper where anything with white people is inherently less interesting?
I always complain about rising prices of shit but $50 a day for that lineup is ridiculous.

Not a real block party
Overpriced entry fee and drinks
Crowded as hell
Sound is terrible
People act terrible
And when it's finally over, the hill is trashed.

That about sums it up.
@2 the "something something white people something something white people suck right?" is the hot ticket in journalism nowadays. Don't you read the Huffington Post or even *gasp* Salon?
@2 all things Gawker. It will stop when white people stop buying their stuff.
Purely descriptive usage, no ill will intended at all. Plus, some of my best friends are white.

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