Seattle’s Most Awesome Chefs, Bartenders, Distillers, Brewers, Drag-Queen Servers, and More Tell All—With Drinks!

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The Fast-Food Life

Juanita Porter, Cook/cashier/etc., Taco Bell, Shoreline

Scotch, Hold the Grapefruit Juice

Joe Shlichta, Bartender, Ristorante Machiavelli

Desserts So Good, Your Head Will Explode

Lucy Damkoehler, Pastry Chef, Sugar Mountain Inc.

Eureka Moments

Steven Stone, Founder/head distiller, Sound Spirits Distillery

The Chef Recommends…

Seattle's Most Awesome Chefs and Bartenders Tell You Where to Go (With The Stranger's Mini-Reviews of Each Place, Too)

Vegan Destiny

Makini Howell, Chef/owner, Plum Bistro

Drink Time!

14 Excellent Summer Drinks from 14 Seattle Food Industry All-Stars
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