Why did SHARE take on Tent City 5 (Interbay) late last year if it knew it was underfunded?
The Stranger is all over dumb and wasteful government spending, unless it is done on behalf of homeless people. Then it is okay to waste resources on ineffective programs and ill-managed services. Good to know.
@1, TC5 is funded by the City as part of the Homelessness Emergency funding. Mayor Murray and the Council facilitated that funding, which does not apply to the rest of Share/Wheel's endeavors.

@2, there is nothing ineffective or ill-managed about Share/Wheel. It has given homeless people a safe place to sleep for two decades. What is missing is reliable, adequate funding.
@3 Yes, but they took on too much.

From SHARE/WHEEL web site..."And, while we’re grateful for City land and funding for our new camp, Tent City5 Interbay, City funding only covers around 2/3 of the true cost of operating the camp, leaving us with more than a $40,000 annual fundraising burden."
Why does the city fund Nickelsville, whose executive director takes home a whopping $183,000 per year (more than the mayor) according to IRS filings? There is no shortage of money in the Seattle Crisis Industry. It's just a matter of which "consultants" and go-nowhere "initiatives" and "studies" get funded from the political patronage.

That Slog/Stranger lets LIHI get by without ANY scrutiny of its finance is appalling.

Any why do you let it slide? Because you're scared of Morrow. He plays hard ball. Slog plays whiffle-bitch.
@5 is right... Holy shit, Sharon Lee took home over $180k in 2014. Not sure if we should pay the mayor more or expect our non-profits to pay less.

Pardon this hideous link:…
Sharon Lee is ED of LIHI, not Nickelsville. LIHI builds low-income housing. Everyone who knows Sharon knows she works at least 80 hours/week.

Scott Morrow also works more than fulltime, for minimum wage. He is NOT an employee of LIHI.

@5, I realize that if you made factual remarks, it wouldn't be as much fun for you, but this gets tiring, especially when you yourself haven't come up with any solutions about how to either shelter or house homeless people. .

@7: everyone likes being dori monson.

analysis is easy, synthesis is hard.

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