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Around 10,000 Central Seattle residents between East Union Street and South Jackson Street lost power around 12 p.m.

No, the mass power outage wasn't caused by another rogue critter. According to a spokesperson from Seattle City Light, the outage was caused when a crane, which was attached to a truck, ran into some power lines. No one was injured, but a small fire broke out on the truck.

City Light crews were, thankfully, able to reroute power around the area.

"Now it's down to 1,133 customers who are still without power," the department spokesperson said.

Crews at the site estimate that power will be restored around 3 p.m. Residents can check here for more updates.

At least there's a small silver lining:

UPDATE: Power was restored to the area around 2:15 p.m, said a Seattle City Light spokesperson.

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