Che Taylors mother, pictured in 2016, attended todays inquest into her sons killing by Seattle Police Officers. As video of the incident was shown, she shouted: They killed my baby.
Che Taylor's mother, pictured in 2016, attended today's inquest into her son's killing by Seattle Police Officers. As video of the incident was shown, she shouted: "They killed my baby." Alex Garland

With a jury now selected, the second day of King County’s inquest into the death of Che Taylor ended with initial testimony from a Seattle Police officer and the presentation of a dash cam video of Taylor being killed by Seattle police.

The video triggered a strong reaction from Taylor's family members, who were positioned near the jury in the crowded inquest room and cried loudly as they watched the video of Taylor being shot to death. They physically recoiled as multiple gunshots rang out from large flat screen monitor in the center of the courtroom.

Judge Janet Garrow called a recess as the mother of Che Taylor yelled, “they killed my baby.”

The testimony today came from Seattle Police Officer Audi Acuesta, who was at the scene when the shooting occured. The dash cam video came from Acuesta’s vehicle.

Acuesta testified that officers Michael Spaulding and Scott Miller called him to the scene about a half hour before the shooting occurred in order to provide backup for the arrest of, in Acuesta’s words, a “known felon in possession of a firearm.”

Acuesta testified that he moved in on the scene under orders from Spaulding and Miller and exited his patrol car as he saw Taylor standing to the side of a white sedan. Acuesta testified that he could clearly hear the two officers telling Taylor to raise his hands.

“It was very loud, screaming, ‘Hands! Let me see your hands!'” Acuesta said. “I can’t tell if both of them were, but obviously I could hear a command coming from their angle.”

Taylor’s family has questioned how clear officers were in their commands toward Taylor, claiming that Taylor was attempting to follow commands when he was shot and killed.

Before today's testimony began, jury selection was finished and a preliminary list of 52 interrogatories—that is, the questions the jury will be asked to answer at the end of the inquest—was read aloud by Judge Garrow.

The jury consists of eight jurors from around King County, three females and five males. There are no people of color on the jury. The juror who was wearing a sweatshirt with the statement “Black lives matter” on it was, in the end, included in the jury. Neither lawyer representing the two officers challenged that juror’s ability to exercise fair judgement during the inquest.