Felony, after felony after felony.
Decade in prison.
Mostly victimizing the black community.
His brother and loudest apologist is an admitted pimp.
Caught carrying a semi-auto, against the law,
While dealing 6 oz of crack and black tar heroin.

Court papers from Che's 1997 arrest....

Taylor and Warren first entered Amber Scherbinske's apartment. They demanded Scherbinske give them crack cocaine. Shortly thereafter, Shawn Cowell and Mike Keller walked into the apartment. Taylor and Warren searched Cowell and Keller and threatened to shoot anyone who lied about having drugs. Taylor also admitted telling Warren to shoot Keller because he thought Keller was reaching for a kitchen knife. Warren pointed the gun at Keller but did not discharge the weapon. Taylor admitted taking approximately $8 from Keller and $20 from Cowell. Cowell also testified that a $25 money order was taken from her.

Scherbinske testified that Taylor hit and kicked her repeatedly and that she suffered bruises, a back injury, and what she believed was a concussion. According to Scherbinske, Taylor took about $30 in food stamps, $5 in currency, and a money order from her. Taylor denied taking any cash or a money order from Scherbinske.

After leaving Scherbinske's apartment, Taylor and Warren entered J.C.'s apartment. J.C., her eight-month pregnant daughter, K.C., Waylon Rickert, David Gernackey, and Gary Stark were in the apartment. Taylor and Warren demanded cocaine from J.C. At some point, Gernackey advanced towards Taylor. Taylor admitted hitting Gernackey with a six-pack of soda.
Warren then jumped up, pulled out the gun and told everyone to get down on the floor, "this is a robbery[.]" Taylor admitted throwing a bookshelf at J.C. after she began yelling at him.
K.C., Rickert, and Stark testified that Taylor pressed himself against J.C. in a sexual manner before dragging her into a bedroom. J.C. testified that Taylor raped her vaginally while striking her several times. She said she attempted to fight Taylor off but did not scream because she feared for her daughter's safety.

Taylor admitted dragging J.C. into the bedroom, but claimed that he did so to search her and the room for drugs. He denied sexually assaulting J.C. He claimed that he "reached up, grabbed her pantyhose and pulled them down[,] separating her panties and her pantyhose" to look for drugs. About five to seven minutes later, Warren yelled to Taylor that they needed to leave. Taylor testified that at that point, he "walked up on the bed, I kicked [J.C.]. I spit on her and I turned and walked back in the living room."

Before leaving the apartment, Taylor admits kicking Stark and taking money from him. K.C. testified she gave Warren food stamps in the hopes that he and Taylor would leave the apartment. After they left, K.C. observed her mother curled up "in a little ball." J.C. told Stark that she had been raped...."

Let's stop shedding tears for the irretrievably, criminally antisocial. The guy was an asshole who deeply deserved, one way or another, to catch a bullet in the head.
Interesting that the investigative team and the swarm of officers at the scene never saw or found the alleged gun reported by an officer to be partially visible on the floorboard.
Either we have an investigative team that is totally incompetent or there was never a gun. Photos of the crime scene car?

Mmmmmmm..... dunno....I believe the record shows that naked exploitation of the black community, familial apologism, race-baiting and repeated rape accusations are actually more commonly associated with your beloved Clintons.


Mmmmmmm..... dunno....I believe the record shows that naked exploitation of the black community, familial apologism, race-baiting and repeated rape accusations are actually more commonly associated with your beloved Clintons.
"Alternative Facts" .... says the people who think Hillary...

....the pro-war,
Wall Street-bought-and-paid;
privacy invading;
admits to opposing public-and-private policies;
attacking the young employee my husband stuck a cigar in;
collecting $12 million from the Moroccan king/gay hunter.... a liberal who represents their interests.

(Oh, and Bernie who thinks American capitalism has given you too many choices of sneakers and deodorant? He's just picked-up his THIRD house (this one $600,000) paid for in a handshake deal that the Dems won't run anyone against his independent seat in Vermont if he'll just be a nice boy and play along.)

It is possible, you know, to be be completely fucking disgusted with the craven hypocrisy of the Left, without it being assumed as an implicit endorsement of Trump.

Wake up you fucking morons.

So glad to see you believe in the power of redemption, of paying ones debt to society, and our long-cherished legal concept of "innocent until proven guilty".

Oh. Wait...
Why won't The Stranger reporters interview this guys rape victim? I'm sure they have an interesting side to tell. And why did this guy have any access to a gun?

It appears that rape and free access to guns is okay if you can play some sort of poor minority status.

A rapist was killed. that's a good thing.

At some point the power of redemption needs to give way to the statistics of recidivism. The unwillingness to deal, harshly, with repeated, wanton unapologetic criminality simply leaves the next victim (and his community, mostly poor, black, female) staring down the barrel of a gun hoping that he's a changed thug.

And unfortunately for our police, they have to make the same split second call, and be dead if they're wrong.

He's dead. For a reason. Earned.

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