Bravo Eli! ...i'm sure you'll have plenty of pithy insights to share with us, can't wait to read your stories!
I think this is a good call, and actually gives me hope that Burgess will be making some brave choices during his brief term. I'll be curious to see what comes from this experiment.
Well that will be interesting. Have a safe word, and give your closest most trusted friend written permission to abduct you, in case you find yourself brainwashed into being a permanent political stooge.
whoa cool... congratulations and good luck!
Wait-- Tywin Lannister is our acting Mayor?
Eli the Brave, Eli the Bold, Eli gifted with this incredible opportunity. Please go into full on Raban mode and write a novel of Seattle at the Amazonian Apex,,,in Trump Times,,,Charge!
So, will you be giving interviews while in your city hall job?
It's probably a very good career move. But it certainly doesn't seem in keeping with the required objectivity needed for good journalism.
Congratulations! It sounds like the perfect job, and I for one can't wait to read all about it after November 28.
Sounds like a great opportunity for you as well as for Burgess as he presumably closes the book on his career in public service. But please tell me you'll still sit in (or at very least vote) on SECB endorsements. This shit is too important to cede to Frizzelle.
I'm glad we don't lose you on Blabbermouth, though we should all pay attention for any pro-Burgess messages slipping through. Team Gen X is counting on you to hold fast, Eli.
Good luck Eli! I'll be looking forward to the stories after November.

And how politically freeing for Burgess to not have to cater to re-election dollars... perhaps this is what Greek political "sortition" may have been like, at least in part.

@8 - "Objectivity"? Zaius, there is no real objectivity. Everyone and every press is a partisan.
Cool. Your 2012 piece was, I think, probably the best thing The Stranger has published about Burgess; since then your colleagues have consistently taken his (very real, esp. w/r/t homelessness) flaws as an excuse to ignore his strengths, to the detriment of their overall political judgement.

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