@1: He's at all of them...
I'm extremely proud of our city today.
I for one welcome our new corporate overlord. I don't suppose she'll stop shitting on municipal broadband now that net neutrality is finished.
@1, @2: I'd agree Murray has a presence here. The citizens of Seattle elected the candidate whom he had endorsed, and to whom he had given substantial support -- and we didn't exactly make it a nail-biter, either, now did we? (The Moon campaign's claim they'd be happy with 39.5% -- sorry, 45% -- on election night looks pretty quaint against their eventual 43.75% showing, doesn't it?)

Our idiot political chattering class fell helplessly for the unverifiable tales told about Murray by the least reliable of sources. Our citizens in general, not so much. It appears there is hope for solving our civic problems after all.

Best of luck to you, Mayor Durkan.
Tough job, capable person: wishing Jenny Durkan the best.
The #1 thing Jenny Durkan could do to earn my trust (as someone who didn't vote for her) is to rethink her stance against Municipal Broadband. Anyone paying attention should know that the FCC is about to discard Net Neutrality. *And* Ms Durkan accepted maximum contributions from at least two of the three ISP behemoths (CenturyLink and Comcast) that want these FCC changes.

If we want Net Neutrality in Seattle, the only way to ensure it is by making the internet a Public Utility, owned and operated by the citizens of Seattle. Ms Durkan argued against it during the campaign. Hopefully the actions of the FCC have made her rethink that stance. Net Neutrality is widely supported by almost everyone, on both the Right and Left. Municipal Broadband is the answer. Ms Durkan needs to work for *us*, not for Comcast.
@4 - Here, here. All the people know Comcast/CenturyLink isn't a choice.
Durkan failed to prosecute any WaMu exec, even after a Congressional investigation provided over 800 pages of exposure of detailed criminal activity. She could have audited the REMIC mortgage loan lists to reveal WaMu's policy to utilizing one loan for multiple REMIC trusts. She could have indicted Killinger for fraud. She could have shut down the unlawful foreclosures. She did nothing. And the ignorant, stupid Seattle voters allowed her to fail upwards. Stupid city.
@9: Maybe you and this guy can fight over which non-prosecution was her biggest crime against humanity. (I'll warn you, though: his over-cultivated moral outrage may well exceed even your own.) Then you can both go learn how a U.S. Attorney's Office really works. (I'm joking about that last part, of course.)

And the ignorant, stupid Seattle voters allowed her to fail upwards. Stupid city.

The feeling is mutual. Don't let the door hit you on your way out.

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