Time to find someone else who will do the same thing and make more for doing it. I'd like to remind everyone that SCL has been running efficiently for years but the city still thinks we need to pay more so we can to attract newer, better "talent" from the industry such as Larry.
I want Kubly's head next.
Weis is an apparatchik whose sole intent was to siphon off as much cash as he could scam from Seattle. Durkan comes in and says, 'okay, time to work on something'; Weis says, 'okay, time to resign!'

While Seattle is painted as a liberal city with the most progressive intentions, we still get stuck with these types of hucksters in all our political offices....
Its time to stop paying exorbitant salaries to politicians and bureaucrats and start putting the money into decent housing for the homeless.
@3: maybe, but SCL CEO has always been a high-salary jerb. these are typically energy-execs who come in to run a public utility. like Port Commissioners, I have no idea what they bring to the table that justifies a salary that large.

Its not like they coach Football!
If it were “Mayor” Trump firing people left and right liberals would be in an uproar. Funny how all the house cleaning was just dirt put in by liberal politics in the first place. Jenny may actually be a good mayor after all.
@6: Murray was no liberal. It’s nice to see Durkan throw out his garbage.
@6 it’s not that Trump removes Obama’s appointees, it’s who he replaced them with. If Durkan puts in somebody from Vulcan, there will be justified outrage.
Ivy dear, Seattle's utilities are tax-paying and self-supporting. Rates are based on the cost of providing service. They are not allowed to subsidize things like affordable housing. In that, they are the Socialist ideal.
Catalina, City is not tax-paying. Why would an electric utility subsidize affordable housing?
Sorry Catalina, I meant City Light is not funded with tax payer $.
Weis gave himself perfect marks on a self-evaluation that would help determine whether he should get a $30,000 raise...

Which was a major red flag right there. Too bad Mayor Murray and the City Council failed to do anything about it at the time. Well, better late than never. Good work, Mayor Durkan.
Larry Weis seems an underwhelming beneficiary of political patronage. Durkan's smart to pressure him out and find a more capable replacement.
Yes, doscents dear, that's what I said. City Light pays all state, local and federal taxes, including property taxes. It is required to cover all operating expenses, and cannot use ratepayer money to fund things like housing.

As for the position of Superintendent of Lighting, for the amount of money we paid Jorge Carrasco, you get a Jorge Carrasco, who was a more-or-less capable administrator. For the amount of money we were paying Weiss (which, for all the hand-wringing, isn't all that much for the industry and the importance of a vertically integrated utility like SCL) we should have gotten someone a lot more engaged and visionary, but we got another Jorge Carrasco.

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