The NBA hasn’t officially said they plan to expand, but it has been implied in a few different ways that they will be expanding to Seattle once this deal became more concrete. I would expect we hear more solid plans from them in the next year or so.
Why the need to say male basketball team? There is basketball and women's basketball.
Anyone who believes the fantasy that the NBA and/or the NHL is coming to Seattle will be sorely disappointed.

It's obvious the NHL has cooled on Seattle, thanks to the compromised (re)design of Key Arena. The league is said to be looking seriously at Houston.

As for the NBA, Seattle is more valuable to them as a weapon to extort new arenas out of the taxpayers of existing NBA cities.
fact is, we don't need the NBA or the NHL. it's even more wasteful than booze, women or movies. INVEST, you undisciplined fucks.
I'm glad the women on the council stuck to their guns despite all the hateful threats after they voted down the first SODO proposal. They were smart as City taxpayers already fund the Key Arena and any new arena would threaten the viability of taxpayer investment by taking business from the Key. Now the place will get updated with additional updates for Seattle Center. A win-win !
@5, You invest and spend the proceeds on culture, such as the NHL, and a sorely needed addition to the local culture at that:)

@4, The NHL commissioner's office said that the plans for the remodeled Key passes muster with them and they want us badddd. Houston may be a relocation option since the Rockets owner doesn't appear to be interested in paying premium expansion dollars.

@2, blame Murray and the City Council for undermining the SODO proposal.
@7: you don't understand my joke. see Senator Grassley's recent comments regarding the put-upon rich and the spendthrift poors.

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