Seattle: Google, FB, data please! our laws require it
FB: We're a multinational syndicate that doesn't answer to mere municipalities
Google: We will crush you and your activist news rags.

Eli, you might have already read this, links to several other articles about Google.
Google Does Evil…

@1: Everyone should have known that Google was evil the second they set their motto as "don't be evil."

As a thought experiment, imagine if you walked past a bakery, and their motto was "Don't piss in the dough," do you want to eat their scones? Or are you too worried that someone pissed in them?
Just curious, does The Stranger provide this information? You're clearly "commercial advertisers" seems like you'd be required to furnish info on your ad buys as well.
Always trying to bridle the poor Capitalists, you are.
Excellent! Keep me posted....
They're just "disrupting" the legal system along with our elections, man. No need to get so butthurt about technological progress, dude! Trust your techbro overlords and go with the flow!
I think that the courts will decide if the seattle law applies or not. FB and G might want to take it there.
@6 I'm sure they will.

This is kind of weird y'all. Seattle is trying to do good, but exploiting a retro law that imagines media markets are still "local" to do it. This law's not updated for modern technology, and I'm not really sure what you're expecting to get out of it. It's quite possible the data you're asking for is un-collectible. You'll bang your fists against a wall until a judge rules that the burden is too onerous, and nothing will come of it.

Meanwhile. You don't have a state income tax and your schools are criminally underfunded (and that might *not* be a metaphor). And spending time hand ringing over FB ads while that fundamental reality is still in play is what makes you look like pressed d-bags.
@3 I've asked essentially that same question in other comment threads on this reporting, and so far no one at the Stranger has been willing to respond.
@3 and @8 - walk into their offices and ask for the records. If they can't produce them, then they are hypocrites.
It really is hilarious how progressive liberals believe Facebook and Google can tell people how to vote and who to vote for in elections. It really is telling to see the (pot-induced?) mindless think they are being mind-controlled. It really is paranoia under the guise of Nazi-like government-forced “transparency”, especially when Seattle got what it wanted with The Strangers self-proclaimed “matriarchy” running the show now.
At only $450K combined if I were Facebook or Google I'd try and provide records and then simply stop doing these ads. Anyone who has worked in compliance (privacy, security, government mandated documentation, etc) would know what a drain on resources and agility trying to manage this can be.

I'll get slammed for this once again, but effectively squashing speech is not the answer.

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