When I was living in Florida I knew a girl who'd go to those crisis preg centers and tell the protesters she got kicked out of her house and was pregnant and couldn't afford a kid and was going to get an abortion if she didn't get money. Lots of times the protesters would give her money if she promised not to abort.

Thing was, she was never pregnant and just took their money to buy shit she wanted. Fun times.

This is a huge violation of patient privacy. If PP doesn't want people doing this, there are reasons - probably security and privacy related. Patients aren't showing up here to get abused OR cheered at. They just want healthcare. This isn't helping. Donating, calling legislators, and helping elect pro-choice candidates is the most helpful. Not to mention, the anti-choice protest groups are usually very few in number so this just gives them the attention that they want. I understand and appreciate the good intentions of the counter-protesters, but they should probably actually defer to Planned Parenthood on this one.

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