The Long Arc of the Moral Universe bending toward Justice!

Will Jenny Durkan also vacate the felony convictions against MMJ dispensaries that she raided "for money laundering" even as the Obama admin told her not to?…
Yay, Jenny!
How many of the "Yay!" comments here are Mayor Durkan's staff?
The dispensaries that were raided were not following the rules and were making tons of money because of it. This made the dozens of other dispensaries that WERE following the rules (and thus not raided) operate at a disadvantage.…

(Note: I am not Durkan staff and actually campaigned for Moon)
the "rules" they violated: selling more than the arbitrarily-decided amount of pot to people who may or may not have a piece of paper saying that when they smoke the pot, it's medical.

so in other words, what I said is still correct: Jenny Durkan, against the wishes of the US AG and President, went after MMJ dispensaries and put people in prison on felony charges. she furthered the racist, senseless "war on drugs."

when Jenny Durkan has some big scandal, will The Stranger spend months allowing her to attack her victims, like they did with Ed Murray?
It’s about time. Norm Maleng was a Republican too.
The Mayor can't vacate felony convictions. Talk to the Governor about that.

Seriously, the #resistance needs to understand how government works before they start pontificating how it should work
@9 Jenny Durkan was a federal prosecutor in cases where she pursued raids, arrests, charges, and felony convictions of state MMJ dispensary owners and employees as recently as 2011.

She can do anything from recanting her testimony to writing letters to judges and parole boards, just as she has in Seattle. The attorney alone -- on any level -- does not have the power to vacate a sentence. Only judges can do this.
#10 She said she's asking the city attorney to request that the city courts vacate those convictions, which she can do. Of course, she can only do that for municipal convictions. I don't know if she can petition state courts to vacate felonies and higher level, state-prosecuted misdemeanors. I mean, I suppose she could request they do so, but it won't have any more sway than any other citizen doing so, unlike in her own city.
Wake me when Jenny does something about foreign speculation killing affordable housing in Seattle. All this easy liberalism is nice but get a spine and do something about big money running over your peasants.
Local politics aside, I enjoyed the guest editorial. I would love to see this seemingly common-sense attitude move in and replace the - at that time in history - common-sense attitude that a "War on Drugs" was something other than a racist attack on systemically disadvantaged poor communities.

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