One thing not mentioned here: when people take out ads for other candidates, they are often violating rules and laws about in-kind contributions, sponsorship disclaimer messages ("paid for by ..."), or splitting payments. Facebook and Google have no way to split a payment for a single ad, so whenever two candidates appear on the same ad, it's illegal.

Unfortunately, the PDC is still "figuring out" how to deal with this, so everyone who made that blatant mistake is in the clear for now.
Google wants this to go away. Dealing with municipality by municipality won't scale, so what you will see is a dramatic leveling off or decrease in online political ads. Google and Facebook will be fine. The First Amendment may creep up against a virtual Great Wall, but this was never about freedom of speech. The tribal instinct here is to attack what you don't understand.
The Stranger truly does crack me up with the hilarity of its temporal left-think. Like somehow a bunch of advertising actually swings elections one way or the other. Everyone pretty much just hits the “Do not see ads” button or scrolls through the bs anyway. The only ones who really care is the echo chamber and they’re starting to wane because of their constant, petty, childish outrage at everything under the sun is growing tiresome by the electorate. No one cares- Heck most people are ignorant to politics beyond what they see on TV News, Awards shows and Jimmy “The Weeper” Kimmel. Most folks vote with their wallets, not the Stranger Cheat Sheet, not advertising, not Facebook, and not really even along their own party lines either - when the chips are down. They vote with those wallets - and when those wallets empty out continuously for high taxes, high costs of living and liberal hoo-hah, people are going to swing right. Not even useless and diversionary Jay Inslee can stop it. You're starting to see the cracks now in Cali with Feinstein and residency in the bay area - which will make the hollering, screaming, mean-spirited, elitist hipsters more and more irrelevant and secluded in their own echo chamber. Those protest marches will slow as liberals look in the dark closet for any excuse as to why to why they keep losing political ground and unfortunately weeklys like The Stranger, who cant adapt or at the very least provide solutions to the issues beyond rehashing ancient information, will go by way of the rest Seattle. Gutted and developed over for something that fits the times. Seattle really has become pretty much an over-priced dead stick.

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