And the 4th cancels out the 1st.
What a joke. A tax to raise money to enable junkies to live on the street funded by the small businesses that have to clean up the garbage they leave and suffer the lost revenue because people avoid the shitshow going on in front of their businesses. I bet this triples the number of people living in cars and sleeping on the streets in 10 years. Until Seattle focuses solving homelessness policies on building shelter beds with support services on site and strictly enforces no camping rules, we will continue to import the rest of the county’s, state’s and country’s riff raff at a rate faster than we can build housing and the problem will continue to worsen. Homelessness is exploding here while decreasing everywhere else. The primary reason is not a lack of housing, it is a lack of political will. It is bad for the city and bad for the people we are enabling to die in the streets. Get you head out of your ass City Council and stop grandstanding. Compassion is great, but only if it is balanced by common sense.
I'm thinking if I could find the time to attend a city council hearing on this matter, it's be fun to ask the CM's for a show of hands on the following question:
"We all know this new head tax won't solve homelessness here. But raise your hand if you think it will even stop the GROWTH of homelessness."
How much of that 75 million per year is going to pay rent to private for-profit landlords via emergency assistance and short term subsidy vouchers? (Putting off homelessness for a short time while giving easy money to predatory landlords.)
If that money was instead used to purchase apartment buildings with 20-30 year non-profit lease to buy management contracts, or given to the non-profits that already excel at Homeless Housing and are scrimping and saving to open a building every few years, we would have PERMANENT housing that is guaranteed for low-income folks for the next few decades (or indefinitely).
While I'm happy to see the City Counsel finally taking meaningful steps in the right direction, it is still short sighted and not a good investment.

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