Considering how much free publicity the Chamber’s “sneaky” ad campaign has gotten them, it appears to be working. I doubt very much they care at all about your smear of their having acted like Russians, or your scolding about how they supposedly failed to foster open public debate. Since you stubbornly refuse to admit it, I’ll do you the favor of informing you there was already boisterous debate in Seattle over the head tax, no independent expenditures needed. The Chamber’s campaign was preparatory to the Referendum campaign now underway, and you did a great job of helping the Chamber to hype both. Congratulations!


“Belatedly came forward”

Eli, didn’t the Chamber email you within a few hours of your Slog post? Seems to me like as soon as someone asked, they came forward at once.


Polish that turd, tesnor. Polish away.


What's next, no anonymous comments on Slog advocating against a specific politician?


@3: Is there something bothering you about all of the free publicity The Stranger has given to the Referendum campaign to overturn our City Council’s tax on our jobs?

If there is indeed something bothering you about all of the free publicity The Stranger has given to the Referendum campaign to overturn our City Council’s tax on our jobs, please do let us know what it is.

While you’re working on that, I will once again reiterate my admiration for how Seattle’s Chamber Of Commerce got The Stranger to give free publicity to the Referendum campaign to overturn our City Council’s tax on our jobs.


so the sleezoids running the seattle municipal chamber of commerce slipped their borderline-astrotruf campaign (which has been going on for at least a month) in on the borders of electoral seasons, slicked but not illegal, the usual corporate efforts of lies and misdirects in the name of profit (forget russia).. the sooner the hoarders and sociopaths hiring these illusionists are given treatment for their mental disorders the better.


Still haven’t read one article in the Stranger about how Sawant used city resources for her “Tax Amazon” demonstrations and then claimed she could use taxpayer funds to build her “movement”.

You gonna cover that, Eli? Heidi? Charles?


Wooooo free publicity! Because attacking the head tax every single day on the front page of the Seattle Times isn't nearly enough to "publicize" the terrible plight of the richest 3%. Because how could Amazon ever plead their case to the people of Seattle if they didn't luck into some free publicity? Such a lucky break Eli Sanders put up two blog posts about this. Otherwise, the public would never have heard!

Everybody knows. Everybody either works for Amazon or Vulcan or one of these huge employers, or they know a half dozen people who do. We KNOW these companies from the inside. They're not going to shine rainbows up our ass with "publicity."

Why do you think 100% of the people we elected were on board? Because they know their constituents. They're doing what they were elected to do. Are you imagining any one of the 9 CMs got elected running on anything but a progressive tax approach? They were all elected with the hopes of finding a way to shift the burden to the rich, here in the most regressive city anywhere.

And we know these companies, and no matter what our officials disagree about, they all know these companies are nowhere near taxed enough. They know because we, their constituents who elected all 9 of them, and the mayor, told them. We all know they're free riders. This little $275 doesn't even begin.

Can't polish that turd. The Seattle Times can blare their message every day. Look how well that worked out when they pulled out all the stops to quash the minimum wage. It only proves how out of touch Frank Blethen's paper is. The Chamber of Commerce is out of touch.

Not even going to get on the ballot unless they pay for a lot of signature gatherers, and work overtime to scrape together enough valid signatures. So many of the minority that believes any of this phony Chamber of Commerce supply-side crap -- retired people who haven't seen the inside of these employers for years and years -- are full-on talk radio loons. Monson and Rantz told them there's a huge corrupt conspiracy, and they have to fight dirty to over come it. They'll sign and sign and sign, because they're true believers. All those invalid signatures just make getting this on the ballot all the more expensive.

And even if somehow, with every Tim Eyman trick in the book, this classic Tim Eyman ballot item gets put to a vote, well, when has Seattle not handed Tim Eyman his ass? Throw in voters in Wenachee and Woodinville, and sure Eyman can squeak one through. But in Seattle only? No, you dumb fucks. No. Seattle will not vote Republican. Are you mental?

Any of this faith in our corporate overlords and supply side dreaming is radioactive in Seattle. It doesn't fly here. Enjoy running headlong into that buzzsaw. I brought popcorn.

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