You guys are scared that the head tax is going to get repealed, aren't you? But once it is repealed it'll be fun hearing how a city that overwhelming voted against Trump just two years ago has become a bastion of bigotry and hate. It should be some great reading


Will The Stranger be tracking and reporting how much it spends promoting the HeadTax?


Totally shocked the Chamber of Commerce would oppose this tax. Not. Crack journalism, guys!


@1: “It should be some great reading”

Already is.


@2: If CM Sawant stars blatantly slandering opponents of the head tax, the resultant hundreds of thousands of dollars in City taxpayer funds paid to defend her in court will NOT count toward upholding the head tax. Because Seattle’s Trump-loving NIMBY fascists hate the homeless, that’s why!


Here's the thing, none of my social media accounts ever show me political ads. I never even saw a political ad during the elections in 2016.

But then, I don't follow anyone or any site advocating a political viewpoint or position, candidate, or political party. And I never post political comments to social media sites. I use "social" media for purely social purposes (keeping up with some extended family and a few real world friends).

I continue to be perplexed by the entire Russian social media election meddling scandal because I keep wondering wouldn't I have been shown at least one of these political or conspiracy ads at least randomly? Shrug. Maybe the level of activity has been overstated or it was very tightly targeted.

Anyway, despite my slight skepticism about the impact of FB ads, I'm not a Republican or Trump supporter.


“We already know that Facebook has been used to, for example, push a misleading claim about Seattle property crime during the contentious 2017 race for city attorney. With more eyes—and more Chrome and Firefox extensions—watching Facebook's political ads, we'll be in an even better position to spot local shenanigans like that in 2018”. Property Crime? We dont have property crime in Seattle, sure. We have one of the highest homeless rates in the country and homeless deaths in the nation, no doubt about that. We have meth and opioid epidemic deaths that rival the entire numbers of the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, and lets not forget we have women getting raped in car dealership bathrooms, undisputed. Seattle has more homeless campgrounds in the city than KOA has in the state, but we dont have no property crime problems and if we do the nubers are wrong and we know it. And the hilarious thing is that none of that information came from Facecrook, Snapcrap, or TWIT-ter. (Shaking head in disbelief- “just following orders”).


Purris, I didn't directly see any either, but I do have a wide circle of very friends who are very basic people, and they often post all sorts of dubious stuff (A girl I knew from high school just posted the meme about the army sergeant who is in jail for life for killing two Syrians who raped his teenage daughter, and another friend was very worked up over how Pilot truck stops were taking down the American flag because of complaints from Mulisms. Neither of these things happened, and are easily debunked, but they're too dense to understand that or research it)

Old white people are highly susceptible to this sort of thing, and old white people are the ones who vote.


Yeah, but did you hear about how Lee Marvin and Captain Kangaroo were WW2 heroes on Iwo Jima, and how Mr Rogers was a Vietnam War special forces killing machine before he did his show for kids?
The story made the rounds on Memorial Day and if it doesn't bring a tear to your eye well you just don't have a heart...

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