Body Dysmorphia is a Hell of a disorder.

The stories of Master Dylan and his Pups gets more and more twisted, and who knows what is real and what isn't. So many players at this point that it might be too convoluted to ever unwind. I do strongly feel that people have a right to do whatever they want with their bodies and themselves even if it seems extreme, dangerous or just plain unwise. I do think folks have been fooled into thinking that the Neo-Kink Community of expensive red leather fashions and bondage workshops and boy pups on movie dates is not the ONLY version of kink that is out there, in spite of the folks who will always rise up and say "This has nothing to do with..."

It kind of does. And I don't say that as an outsider to any version of kink. Some folks don't go to workshops and conferences. Some folks take it all seriously. Very seriously. As is there right. I feel really bad for the man who lost his life. I don't think I'd want to spend ten minutes having coffee with "Noodles and Beef" (isn't the name kind of the first caution signal?), but I've met some pretty seedy folks in my life. This doesn't sound like murder to me, but I'm not an expert and my opinion doesn't matter.

Not everyone uses safe words. Not everyone plays by someone else's rules. It isn't right and it isn't wrong. It just is.

It does all seem to boil down to these f*cked up images of bodies that Gay men, including myself, often hold. Probably too big of a problem to deal with, at least in the comments of a blog, social networking site or opinion piece.


Ugh - too many typos. Wrote it in a hurry. I want an editing function, please.


@1 I would suggest seeing the police report before jumping to conclusions. This Dylan whack job strikes me as the type who'd going to Trumpian lengths to shut down reporting.


Hasn't the gross Noodles and Beef moved to Vancouer yet? I heard he was heading out the country just in case. Please leave now!


These guys are going to look pretty disgusting if they make it to old age. Imagine an 80 year old man walking around with coconut size balls. People with think it's a goiter.


@6: Too late—they already do.


IDK, sending people to an "Orange County Facilities Manager" with NO medical credentials (Quader) to get silicone injections, merely because he has a "black market medical silicone hookup" DOES seem like intentionally putting people at risk. Especially if the person sending others to get injected is a very controlling person, as "Master" Dylan does appear to be (per the Stranger article's numerous details).

So individual responsibility, yes. Chapman (Pup Tank) did go himself to get the silicone injections from Quader, a human not qualified to inject anything.

But Hafertepen seems to have created a scenario where Chapman had little to no outside support, was completely dependent on Hafertepen (financially, socially, more?), and Chapman was following Hafertepen's instructions to get his body modified via illegal and dangerous methods.
So some notable responsibility for Chapman's death falls on Hafertepen as well...... as he himself seems to have (at least partially) recognized by zipping up his online presence and going silent.

I want to know what Hafertepen has to say for himself to questions about his culpability in the deaths of three men.

But as in court, I think a person has a right to remain silent, and let that ominous silence represent them in the public sphere.

So it's a reasonable question to ask how far a reporter should go to make contact with someone... and at what point should they stop.


@9 That’s if you believe NaB. Why would you believe NaB? Like at all? He’s already shown himself to be pretty adept at lying and making himself the victim.


I'm aware that just because someone's smaller than you, that doesn't mean they can't intimidate you.

But we're talking about a household of at least four huge, musclebound men who claim to have been made to feel "scared, vulnerable and not safe" when a reporter knocked on their door and left messages for them. If any of them felt that way, it's because they had no good answers to his questions, so they refused to engage with him.

Dylan Hafertepen put a lot of effort into becoming a public figure, but can't handle what comes with that territory. He is, literally, an enormous wuss.


I think @Daddy is Noodles&Beef. He stalks stuff like this. You know — to control the narrative. High profile deaths like this get questions/journalism. People get hounded for months or years w/o pulling a stunt like this. If he or his "pack" would have simply replied to the messages — no comment — there would be no drama. So it all sounds suspicious to me.


"... a tabloid hack exploiting a tragedy. --@Dadddy

It IS a Tragedy. A very young man Died, seemingly well before his Time.

So, is this what they call a Cult?

Where people Idolize another person
and will go so far as to do their Ultimate bidding?

Such a fucking Tragedy. And for what?
Or is it whom.

Back to tabloid hack:

"This kind of stalking should be a felony... ' --@Dadddy


@12, Occam's razor says you just might be right with that hunch.


@12 that would explain the "dom hat" avatar. It's also worth nothing that this may be the first non-random Stranger cover photo since the Clinton Administration.


Sounds a lot like NXIVM to me. (


Just read the buzzfeed article - ugh - you can tell Noodles and Beef's lawyers got to Buzzfeed. Hopefully the next silicone injection takes care of N&B.


This person is indirectly responsible for the death of a human being. He should be stalked by the police, ffs.


@14: Okham’s Razor actually works against long-shot speculation.

@15: Even if Dadddy is N&B, nothing Dadddy has written here contradicts what we know. Anyone knocking on the door of a private residence who refuses to take, “No comment; go away” (or equivalent) for an answer should expect a call from the local police soon.


“We all make our own choices, even if that choice is to defer to someone else's judgement.”

But if a person P has accepted the offer of a ride from person D, who through incompetence gets P killed in a crash, person D could be subject to civil or criminal penalties, depending on jurisdiction.

The story described what was essentially a medical procedure, known to have great potential for bodily harm, executed by unlicensed persons, not in the interest of any treatment or therapy. There also seems to have been money involved. The attention of the police may be appropriate.


Hanging outside someone's home, for a semi-public figure like Hufflepuff, is within bounds. A reasonable amount of door knocking should be allowed. Trying to get through a window is over the line, however, and while technically criminal, seems more like a misdemeanor "don't dot that shit again or you'll be in actual trouble"


@23 agreed.



"Trying to get through a window is over the line, however, and while technically criminal... "

... could easily, in today's very well-arsenaled America, getchyur 'journalistic' ass shot.

Julian Assange might understand. A judge ... maybe not.


@25 Yeah I mean, he'd have no one to blame but himself. Seems like insanely too high a risk to take IMO, but he took it. Thankfully it more or less worked out.


@21: The press hang out outside the houses of everybody else who's part of a news story-why shouldn't it happen to N&B? It's not as though he's of greater importance or fragility than everyone else.


bingo 27


@23 I don't believe for a second the reporter tried to get in through a window. This is being alleged by Daniel Hafertepen, probably at the behest of Dylan.

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