He really is running on bad ideas. I mean expecting the City to be completely transparent with the enormous amount of money being spend on homelessness with nothing to show for it is completely out of touch with reality.


rich, using this photo is clearly a threat to rufo and his family. this kind of violence toward a prospective city council candidate can not be tolerated.


Don't worry. He and his family are being protected by a number of retired military, retired law enforcement officers, retired intelligence officers, retired superheroes, retired bodyguards, and retired bouncers.


Methinks he’s confusing the outpouring of support for the ending of his campaign with the meager support for his campaign.

@1: Hey, through the magic of our homeless-industrial complex, our ten-year campaign to end homelessness ended in a declaration of a homelessness crisis. That ending was definitely “something” to show for all the money we paid!


We've spent an enormous amount of money to improve traffic conditions around here, too, and we have less than nothing to show for it, so I'm a little confused as to what these whiners' point might be.


@5: Agreed, people just need to get used to a government that spends a ton of money and has nothing to show for it.

I mean, just be a good little subject and shut the fuck up about it. What's so hard about that?


My guess is he’s just hoping to recoup the money he wasted running a local city council campaign like it was a national election, which is very on-trend for 2018 but a gamble nonetheless, and probably his best shot considering no one in his district would even give him the time of day.


@6, etc. If you've ever worked on these issues, thru city, county or state funding, you would be well aware that there is both 1) complete transparency for every dime spent and 2) huge expectations for outcomes, and reduced/eliminated funding if those are not met.

Much as with the traffic analogy- we can improve conditions but still come out behind due to growth. If 50,000 people are moving to the area annually, it'll be tough to build enough of much of anything to keep traffic manageable. If our population is being bounced/priced out of housing, or homeless populations from other localities are being displaced toward our city, all the programs in the world won't put them all into homes.


How to solve the homelessness crisis? Building housing for people without homes. See it's simple!


@8: The degree to which Seattle’s city government had become inured to throwing money at homelessness and getting no improvement was nicely shown by the EHT imposition. The EHT had already been tried as a method to address homelessness, and had been removed after it had failed. That failed policy was re-instated by a unanimous vote of our City Council, without them even bothering to prepare a full budget for the revenues. This was part of the reason why Seattle’s citizens lined up to sign onto the EHT’s repeal Referendum: it was blatantly obvious the EHT would just be spending yet more money for no improvement.


we could spend no money and institute rent control laws

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